Sunday, April 19, 2009

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One of the most beautiful and inspiring books I have ever had the pleasure of reading, and whose subject matter is so near and dear to my heart, is a lovely old book entitled "Happy Homes and The Hearts That Make Them." Written in 1883 by Mr. Samuel Smiles, this exceptional volume is filled with timeless wisdom and eloquently detailed descriptions of how to have a joyful and peaceful home and is truly a delight to read! Because we believe this book should be in every ladies book shelf, we will soon be offering this priceless volume in the coming months, but until then, we will begin posting some of our favorite passages for our dear friends to peruse and enjoy!

Blessings From Our House To Yours!
Mrs. Kari Wisdom

The Art of Living
The art of living deserves a place among the fine arts. Like literature, it may be ranked with the humanities. It is the art of turning the means of living to the best account--of making the best of everything. It is the art of extracting from life its highest enjoyment, and through it, of reaching its highest results.

To live happily, the exercise of no small degree of art is required. Like poetry and painting, the art of living comes chiefly by nature; but all can cultivate and develop it. It can be fostered by parents and teachers, and perfected by self-culture. Without intelligence, it cannot exist.

Happiness is not, like a large and beautiful gem, so uncommon and rare that all search for it is vain, all efforts to obtain it hopeless; but it consists of a series of smaller and commoner gemes, grouped and set together, forming a pleasing and graceful whole. Happiness consists in the enjoyment of little pleasures scattered along the common path of life, which in the eager serach for some great and exciting joy, we are apt to overlook. It finds delight in the performance of common duties, faithfully and honorably fulfilled.

The art of living is abundantly exemplified in actual life. Take two men of equal means, one of whom knows the art of living, and the other not. The one has the seeing eye and the intelligent mind. Nature is ever new to him, and full of beauty. He can live in the present, rehearse the past, or anticipate the glory of the future. With him life has a deep meaning, and requires the performance of duties which are satisfactory to his conscience, and there therefore pleasureable. He improves himself, acts upon his age, helps to elevate the depressed classes, and is active in every good work. His hand is never tired, his mind is never weary. He goes through life joyfully, helping others to its enjoyment. Intelligence, ever expanding, give him every day fresh insight into men and things. He lays down his life full of honor and blessing, and his greatest monument is the good deeds he has done, and the beneficient example he has set before his fellow-creatures.

--Passage from Happy Homes and The Hearts That Make Them

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